From humble beginnings in Northern Ireland

From a large Irish family Andrew Scott grew up in Belfast during ‘The Troubles’, experiencing first-hand the tragedy of terrorism as one of the survivors of the notorious Abercorn IRA bomb.

Leaving the conflict behind Andrew moved to London at 18 with a burning desire to make a difference in the world we live in. At that time there was a certain stigma and fear surrounding Irish ‘immigrants’ in England as a result of the ongoing terrorism threats. Faced with widespread prejudice and discrimination, Andrew developed a resilience, work ethic and determination to succeed that would prove invaluable.

Despite a lack of formal education his insatiable appetite for learning and a ‘whatever it takes’ attitude led to rapid career progression and he was appointed marketing director of IMF Group PLC at the age of 25. He continued his passion for learning and later attended Cranfield School of Management, initially studying business strategy and marketing, returning to study Corporate Finance. 

An eclectic business career

Andrew’s marketing and business expertise grew and he acquired, built or sold a string of companies spanning manufacturing, retail, technology, property, business services, media and marketing, making mistakes and learning tough lessons along the way.

He gained national attention after saving a struggling building products company facing closure. Restructuring the business and routes-to-market almost overnight, saving 50 jobs, the business then scaled from £1m annual revenue to £12million in 48 months with 20% EBITDA and hundreds of staff. The company was subsequently acquired in an 8-figure deal by Masco, a U.S. Fortune 500 company. 

In 2004 Andrew decided to use his business and marketing experience to help other people build high-growth, job-creating companies, and the Ascot Group was born.

Ascot Group Brands