Ascot Group Closer to Being the Largest Independent Employer in the South West

The Ascot Group are closer to their goal of 100 employees by the end of the year.

The Ascot Group is home to a world-class, full-service marketing agency, an award-winning data supplier and a leading business magazine. For the past 15 years, the group has grown steadily year on year by over 30%, meaning the infrastructure and team has had to grow alongside.


Getting ever closer to their goal of hitting the 100-employee mark by the end of 2019, the group have appointed 12 personnel in the last two months. This includes marketers, new faces on the sales team and experienced administrative employees.


These appointments make the total number of employees hit close to 80, with 4 months of the year left to go.


In 2018, 190,000 people were employed in the advertising and marketing sub-sector of the UK’s creative industries. This figure decreased from 198,000 people employed in the sector in 2016.


Bucking the trend, Andrew Scott – founder of the Ascot Group stated, ‘If we continue to expand at the rate we are, we will definitely hit our target of 100 employees by 2020. We continue to grow the team to keep up with industry standards for our client base.’


Located just outside of Bristol, Andrew is an advocate for bringing professional roles to the area. ‘There is a fantastic talent pool in North Somerset, but the commute into Bristol can add an hour plus onto a working day and after a while that would drain anybody’s energy. I want to prove that you can still be a world-class business outside of a major city, and I am committed to providing opportunity within our locale.’


With the majority of the Ascot Group staff living just minutes away from their headquarters, Andrew has a very unique business stance, ‘We work with local colleges and schools to inspire young people and provide them with the knowledge that one of the UK’s leading marketing, media, and investment groups is right on their doorstep.’


He continued, ‘Our team is almost entirely home-grown; most employees, managers, and directors have started at the bottom and worked up, creating a unique, family-like culture with strong principles such as integrity, openness, honesty, respect, and fairness’


With 20 more positions to fill before the year is out; the Ascot Group continue to look for skilled individuals. To see all of the latest opportunities please visit our careers page.

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